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Hart of the Barossa

Why Organic

Organic farming focuses on the natural development of organic material and life (humus) in soils (whereas non-organic farming focuses on synthetic chemical applications that destroy soil microbes and living matter).

Like organic food, organic wine is guaranteed to contain no genetically modified (GM) ingredients.
We do not use added tannins or fining agents and the wines are naturally clarified through gravity (racking) without filtration. Therefore all wines are vegan friendly.

Vines are sustained by the natural fertility of the soil, rather than by over fertilising with synthetic soluble chemicals. Plants develop stronger cell walls which provides a natural defence against disease. Improved health of product for consumption. Wines to be produced with flavours that are more representative of where they are grown (terroir).

Did you know scientists in Italy found a bottle of wine from an organic farm can have half the eco-footprint of non-organic wines due to differences in production and packaging methods?

Did you know an organic bottle of wine is created without the use of over 100 chemical regulators, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides which can be used to produce non-organic wine?